CV (January 2020)
January 2020
I. Personal Data. II. Earned Degrees. III. Honorary Degree. IV. University of Toronto V. Visiting Appointments VI. - VII. Distinctions VIII. Research Funding IX. Editorial and Academic Functions X. Publications: Books XI. Publications: Articles, Chapters, Notes XII. Publications: Shorter Reviews

X. Publications: Books

1. The Sources of Increased Efficiency: A Study of Dupont Rayon Plants (Cambridge, Mass: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press), 1965, vii + 228.

2. Studies in Classical Political Economy/I The Economics of Adam Smith (Toronto: University of Toronto Press and London: Heinemann), 1973, x + 350. TRANSLATIONS: Italian (1976), Japanese (1976).

3. Studies in Classical Political Economy/II The Economics of David Ricardo (Toronto: UTP and London: Heinemann), 1979, xiv + 759. TRANSLATIONS: Spanish (1988), Japanese (1998).

4. Studies in Classical Political Economy/III The Economics of John Stuart Mill (Toronto: UTP and Oxford: Blackwell), 1985: Volume I, Theory and Method, xx + 481. Volume II, Political Economy, 482-1030.

5. Classical Economics (Oxford: Blackwell, 1987; Toronto: UTP, 1992), x + 485. TRANSLATION: Japanese (1991).

6. Collected Essays/I Ricardo. The 'New View' (London and New York: Routledge), 1995, xiv + 369.

7. Studies in Classical Political Economy/IV The Economics of Thomas Robert Malthus (Toronto: UTP), 1997, xviii + 1045.

8. Collected Essays/II The Literature of Political Economy (London and New York: Routledge), 1998, xv + 410.

9. Collected Essays/III John Stuart Mill on Economic Theory and Method (London and New York: Routledge), 2000, xiii + 299.

10. Jean-Baptiste Say and the Classical Canon in Economics: the British Connection in French Classicism (London and New York: Routledge), 2005, xiii + 322.

11. The Economics of Karl Marx: Analysis and Application (New York and Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press), 2008, xviii + 532.

12. Friedrich Engels and Marxian Political Economy (New York and Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press), 2011, xiv + 408.

13. Collected Essays / IV: Essays on Classical and Marxian Political Economy (Routledge: London and New York), 2013, xxvii + 404.

14. John Stuart Mill: Political Economist (Singapore: World Scientific), 2015, xxvi + 572.

15. A History of Utilitarian Ethics: Studies in Private Motivation and Distributive Justice, 1700–1875 (London and New York: Routledge), 2020, xxiii + 400.