CV (January 2023)
January 2023
I. Personal Data. II. Earned Degrees. III. Honorary Degree. IV. University of Toronto V. Visiting Appointments VI. - VII. Distinctions VIII. Research Funding IX. Editorial and Academic Functions X. Publications: Books XI. Publications: Articles, Chapters, Notes XII. Publications: Shorter Reviews

VIII. Research Funding

[1959-60 University of London Studentship]
1959 Fulbright UK-US Exchange Award
1959-60 Charles Ames Brooks Fellow, Princeton University
1960-61 University Wilson Fellow, Princeton University
1961-63 Patent Study Fellow (Ford Foundation; Dir. Fritz Machlup), Princeton University
1968-69 Guggenheim (USA) Fellowship
1969-71 Senior Canada Council Grant
1973-75 Killam Senior Research Fellowship
1979-80 Lady Davis Professorial Fellowship, Jerusalem
1981-84 Three-year Social Science & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC) Grant
1984-85 Connaught Senior Fellowship
1984-88 University Professorship Grant, University of Toronto
1988-92 Four-year SSHRCC Grant
1993-96 Three-year SSHRCC Grant
1996 Onex Corp.Grant and University of Toronto matching funds
1996-99 Three-year SSHRCC Grant
[1999 Three-year SSHRCC Grant]