CV (September 2011) I. Personal Data. II. Earned Degrees. III. Academic Appointments IV. Visiting Appointments V. - VI. Distinctions VII. Research Funding VIII. Editorial and Academic Functions IX. Publications: Books X. Publications: Articles, Chapters, Notes XI. Publications: Shorter Reviews    

IV. Visiting Appointments

1962-63 Assistant-in-instruction, Princeton University, USA
1966-68 Lecturer, McMaster University, Hamilton, CANADA
1973-74 Professor, University of Florence, ITALY
1974-75 Professor, London School of Economics, UK
November 1976 Guest Lecturer, Society for the Promotion of Science, JAPAN
May 1979 Guest Lecturer, Cardiff University, Wales, UK
1979-80 Lady Davis Professor, Hebrew University, ISRAEL
May-June 1985 Distinguished Professor, La Trobe University, AUSTRALIA
July 1985 Professor, University of Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Jan-June 1988 Professor, Hebrew University, ISRAEL
June-August 1988 University of Auckland Foundation Visitor, NEW ZEALAND
April 1989 Guest Lecturer, Tinbergen Institute, Erasmus University, HOLLAND
November 1997 Professor, Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), FRANCE
Sept 1999-Aug 2000 Directeur de recherche, LATAPSES, Université de Nice– Sophia Antipolis/CNRS FRANCE
Feb-June ‏2001 Professor, Université de Nice, FRANCE
Sept -Dec ‏2001 Professor, Carleton University, Ottawa, CANADA
Nov 2001-April 2002 Directeur de recherche, LATAPSES, Université de Nice – Sophia Antipolis/CNRS FRANCE
2000-06 Professor, Ben-Gurion University, ISRAEL